Media & Publications

April 2010- Hecho Magazine, a bi-lingual national magazine, focused on the underground music, art and cultural scene in Nicaragua, writes an article about The Barrio Planta Project in their "Giving Back" themed summer issue.

*Article by Marcela Berrios *Photography by Jonathan Jackson

Article is accompanied by one-page ad, complementary of Hecho.

February 16, 2010- National Nicaraguan newspaper, La Prensa, distributed to over six million people writes about the Barrio Planta Project and their all-female staff of directors in the section "Nosotras," dedicated to successful and independent women.  

November 16, 2009- La Primera Hora, live Nicaraguan national morning talk-show, interviews the Barrio Planta Project. 

November 12 2009- Del Sur

October 8, 2009-Del Sur (front page)

August 27 2009- Del Sur (local San Juan del Sur newspaper)