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There are two donation options.

1. Donate Directly to the Project:

*100% of your donation will go to The Barrio Planta Project.
All Donations are United States tax-deductible. All Donors will receive a donation receipt.

2. Become a BPP Pillar: Support Our Students with Monthly Donations!

While one-time donations are greatly appreciated, it is the donors who commit to paying monthly donations that are the pillars of the Barrio Planta Project and allow us to commit to the necessary financial needs of our school, such as monthly bills, staff salaries, creating English and Creative Arts monthly budgets and managing our administrative needs.
All BPP Pillars will receive monthly newsletters.

  • Sponsor a Child ($20/month) - Receive Student Information, Personalized Letters and Photos 
  • Become a Silver member ($50-$250/month) - Receive all of the above, Special VIP Fundraiser Invites and cards made by the Students   
  • Become a Gold Member ($250-$500/month)- Receive all of the above, and gifts made by our art classes twice/year.
  • PLatinum Member ($500 and up). Receive all of the Above, Your Name on Our Mural in San Juan del Sur and the Satisfaction and Pride of Changing Lives. 

Make a Monthly Donation!

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2. Donate materials. Here is our wishlist:

-Gym clothes (the kids come to class in jeans, which hinders their athletic ability)
-Gym sneakers
-Old sports equipment (esp. baseball gloves & bats, soccer balls and cones)
-Any school or art supplies
-Costumes and clothes in general
-White Boards & Dry Erase Markers
-Cheerleading Uniforms and Pom Poms (for our upcoming Cheerleading Squad)
-Technological Equipment, Such as computers (esp. laptops), Printers, Speakers, Radios
-Stickers, Pens & Pencils, Art Supplies, Paper, Paints
-ESL books, Classroom Visuals, Teacher Aides & Materials, Roll Books, Positive Incentive Certificates and Charts.

Send any donated materials to:

Residencial Bolonia, Del canal 2, dos cuadras al lago, 75 varas abajo.
Managua, Nicaragua.

Or Contact Dyani Makous for alternative shipping arrangements.
8981-4754 (Nicaragua)

Barrio La Planta Project is a Colorado non-profit corporation established to provide free access to English Education, Arts, Communication and Job-Training to the residents of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. All donations are tax deductible under section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code.